The Art of Memetics

The Art of Memetics is about using and riding the distribution paths of rhizomatic networks: spreading ideas is not just a science, it is also an artform. This book is a guide to Do-It-Yourself memetics for the artist, occultist, entrepreneur and/or marketer seeking to get a handle on how memes grow might and power, and spread as if by magic.

“The Art of Memetics is a much needed text on memes and how ideas grow might and power and spread as if by magic. There is more actual magic in memes than I ever saw before reading this master text by Edward Wilson and Wes Unruh. If you want your ideas to spread, you’ll read this book twice.”
Jay Conrad Levinson


“’The Art of Memetics’ flows through every version of who you were, are and will be, with a strength and purity of signal that is eager to assist you in becoming all you were born to be.”
John Harrigan
Artistic Director

“Not since Philip K. Dick and Robert Anton Wilson have I read a book that fundamentally altered the way I see and process media. The Art of Memetics extends the work of Marshall McLuhan into a media ecology of sympathetic coexistence, a model worthy of exploration if a sustainable equilibrium is valued.”
Ben Mack
Author: Think Two Products Ahead

“In the next 30 years our global existence is going to change as much as in the previous 100 years. We in the human community are going to experience radical shifts that will pull us in to more dangerous and enlightening places than ever before. It will come from thousands of profound actions, that together will boldly embody the deliverance of our new world. The Art Of Memetics written by Edward Wilson and Wes Unruh is one of those profound actions where science and art come together in a deeply historical union. I recommend this book highly to any creative, “traveler,” artist and potential visionary who wants to connect more fully with their own transition forward and better understand the intricacies of the unknown.”
Chuck DeWolfe
Artist, Art Coach, Entrepreneur



  1. Recently bought a PDF of your book. Good stuff. A great amalgamation of Open Source counterculture mindhacking.Thank you. I’m hoping to use some ideas from it in some first year (Time-based media) Art classes I teach. Many of my art students could really use some of that information. Thought I’d drop a line and try to get in touch while I have some time in an upstate NY residency at The Experimental Television Center.

  2. manifesting what-now? 😉

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  4. finally…

    something worth reading & actually buying.

  5. I noticed the website is down. I can give you guys free hosting on my dedicated server if you’d like? I’m a big fan of your work and would love to help in any way I can!

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