Posted by: Edward | June 15, 2006

Text sample and Glossary for Alternaties.

Originally posted: Fri, Dec. 2nd, 2005 22:29

Myat foexists with peoplease and finds that it is peririending an exchive of temuccess granneously.

Thectures taking place althoutside were permy a matter of wherering.

Mythologmiddle exists simultanurface with the neitause.


Myat: a name, probably a culture hero or a godling.
Foexists: exists in a kind of opposition or conflict.
Peoplease: the ease of people existing at the caprice of divinities.
Peririending: eternally in the process of ending.
Exchive: an archive of nonexistent options.
Temuccess: Most current scholars believe this to be a proper noun. One or two dissenting fellows claim this to be the mental state of stalemate.
Granneously: large ancient and unstable in a probabilistic sense.
Thectures: lectures of by for divinity.
Althoutside: alternative space to here, outside of normal options and space and time.
Permy: always in the process of.
Wherering: the circular act of looking for, attempting to locate, and be located.
Mythologmiddle: now, in a mythic sense.
Simultanurface: at the same space-time as part of the same structure, possibly as an alternate option.
Neitause: the never-was unusable past-future, alpha and or omega as a circular terminus.

I’m surprised no one ever asked me what was up with this.


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