Posted by: Edward | June 30, 2006

Interpretation Games

It is the human eye that constructs the world. We create the meaning of it in our interpretation. In the same act we can re-create ourselves. Shiva’s eye destroys the world and we have to place a new one over the ruin. You are the greatest artist that ever lived, look out at the world you created. You become a god when you learn to recognize your signature.

Free spaces or autonomous zones exist in potential all around us. All they require to pop into existence is for all observers/participants in the space to realize that they are already free. Any public or private space can irrupt at any time when everyone agrees to play. “What happens in [eden] stays in [eden].”

Children playing Ninja (or Jedi or Pirates) don’t play to win, they don’t play against each other and losing isn’t possible. The only possible negative outcomes are when they can’t play any more or when the game stops being fun. Being captured by the Emperor is not losing it is an opportunity to play the escape game. The game isn’t competitive it is cooperative imaginative creation. They aren’t after victory they are after adventure.

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  1. I’d again highly recommend that you read “Finite and Infinite Games” in goes into great detail exploring the ideas in the last paragraph of this post.

  2. For citoiflcaairn: In my previous comment I tried to quote the template part of the d_net_alarm destination, but the comment system deleted the 144 “tag”.

  3. Wow! Thanks for the fast reply. I will difenitely will try if urchin stop working again.I have another question – how I can rerun the urchin statistics just for a day or a week?Now I have to wait years of logs and it is really time consuming.

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