Posted by: Edward | April 25, 2008

Podcast about The Art of Memetics on G-Spot #30

My co-author, Wes Unruh, and I were interviewed by Joseph Matheny about our book The Art of Memetics on Alterati’s Podcast G-Spot #30 The Art of Memetics.

We discuss how our book came to have a pirate edition and many other issues AROUND the book.

Direct download link for: The Art of Memetics Podcast

Purchase the Book: The Art of Memetics



  1. […] post by fenris23 and software by Elliott […]

  2. It’s interesting, I ran across an idea that sort of gels with what we talk about there and what we wrote about and something called fifth generational wargames, battle by proxy, decentralized networks. I’d link to more, but is down!

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