Posted by: Edward | September 22, 2008

Notice and Appreciate

What you feed increases when there are amplifying loops involved. So in general anything in your life that you want more of you should start by paying attention to it. Notice and appreciate examples of it already in you life. Also notice and appreciate things which are nascent forms of what you want, things that are similar to or precursors of the thing itself.

For example, if the thing you want is more friends begin by noticing and appreciating the friends you already have. Then notice the people around you who are acquaintances or are otherwise friendly. Now notice the situations where you could meet potential friends and acquaintances.

As simple as this advice is there is no end to the value of applying it. Even if noticing and appreciating your friends doesn’t increase their number by a single one, they will inhabit an increased area of your awareness. Appreciated friends get even friendlier. And if you truly notice and appreciate an opportunity, aren’t you going to take it?

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  2. Good advice.
    Although at the moment, i feel as if i am in a magical quagmire. A paradox of feeling like i m in one, and being aware that feeling like i am in one is feeding that same process. Any advice or rituals on resetting and focus’ing the will.. thine eye isn’t single at the moment.

  3. Well the first thing you’d need to determine is whether this is a quagmire or a fallow period. After a period of stress, strain and change a fallow period allows you integrate the new order and recover your strength. If this is a fallow period then just let it be and continue observing yourself. Look for signs that the fallow period is coming to a close and that you are ready for new tasks.

    If, on the other hand, the problem is conflicting intentions then the work is slightly different you need to sit and catalog what it is you want. Try to make one singular mental picture of what you want your life to be. If you find contradictory desires here make a picture of the life that glosses over the details that are conflicting. So a picture of everything in your life that is clearly what you want. Start taking action to move that picture closer to reality.

    With the conflicting desires you have to examine both. Why do you want them? How does each option make you feel when you think about it. Frequently on closer examination one desire turns out to be a real desire and the other a fear. I want to do this to avoid that. or I want to this because it’s “safe.” If you discover this is the case than pick the one that has the real fire of desire and throw away the fear based option.

    When examining why you want these two conflicting options you should look into the values that tell you why you want them. See if you can find a third option that reconciles the conflict by ignoring the downsides of each and embracing the upsides of each. Use what you learn examining the conflict to enhance and clarify your total picture and never stop acting towards the life you want.

    Does that help?

  4. Yes, the fallow period i expect is partially what i m experiencing, as I with the holosync regiment change, i notice definite periods of up and down, due to emotive history being released as a result of the process, like any meditative/kundalini work invokes. I however have always had a problem with visualization, as i tend to invoke a third person view that doesnt match present experience. My memory vastly is different from my first hand first person experience. I think that is why my manifestation appears random, vs directed, as I can get certain macro elements easily in place, that most find difficult, yet the simplest of things i have great difficulty manifest. I guess i need to read more osmand spare and the like, but i haven’t found literature that addresses the issue of first person imagining, as my first person imagination, is mainly metaphorical,.. in that it is comprised of feelings and possibly kinesthetic sense data that i extrapolate into visual holographic projections… but it doesnt match my first hand experience.

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