Posted by: Edward | September 29, 2008

The Discipline of Do Easy

There is a very special power in learning to let go. By all means decide what you want and go after it but don’t expect to be able to control the process by which it comes to you. The world is far too complex for your conscious mind to take into account every relevant factor to say nothing of the coincidental and accidental.

You simply can’t force change. But change happens regardless. Instead seek to enable the specific changes you want. Guide the process of change in the direction of your desire. Work to clear up the roadblocks that would prevent the changes you want. Work to create as many pathways that the result can come to you by as possible. In short, work to make it easy instead of working to make it happen.

If you make it easy enough the result you want will happen, effortlessly. If you work hard enough everyone will be amazed at how easy things are for you. What is the easiest thing you can do now to move things in the direction you want?

* Special hat tip to Exterminator! by William S. Burroughs.

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  1. […] post by Edward and software by Elliott […]

    • Posted on Having just spent a year tkaing care of my slowly dying father, seeing Hereafter really affected me, because it deals with the connection of the dead and dying to the living. Like the french journalist in the film, I discovered that no one wants to acknowledge the altered state in which you find yourself after you have been intimate with dying (not quite the same as being intimate with death). Remember in one of the Harry Potter books that the children always arrive at Hogwarts pulled by horseless carriagesor so Harry thinks? After he experiences first hand the death of a friend, he can see that the carriages are in fact pulled by beautiful black horses, and realizes that only people that have seen death first hand can see the horses. (I think its black horsesit might be black dragons). Anyway, the point is that I felt very grateful to Clint for addressing this hugely significant aspect of livingknowing dyingAND addressing the fact that our culture wants to keep the experience as sterile as possible. Made me go on a mini Clint Eastwood jag, re-watching Gran Torrino and everything except the Dirty Harrys (yuck).

  2. This is that “Fire and Forget” theory of getting shit done. Open up pathways, but let ’em come to you. It’s the Art of Memetics meets the Art of War. šŸ˜›

  3. Thanks for that! Learning to let go, I’ve come to see, is one of the principles for discovering how, why and where we ‘fit in” to the web of associations. You can’t do it in an office 5 days a week. It’s not about procrastination or laziness though, but flow, insight and doing something with it. It still takes work to make anything worthwhile. As an artist I can’t help but wake up each day and open new eyes.

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