Posted by: Edward | October 6, 2008

The Moment

This moment is the only one in which we are truly alive. This moment is our life and by being present we live. The past is dead, the future unborn. To try and be in the future or past is to not be. Being present now is living. Being absent is being undead, shambling through the world eating our own brains. Every person can be aware in every moment. We have only to realize this. Again and again we can gently find our awareness of the moment as it happens.

By accepting what is now we can engage with it, participate with it. Drifting away from now is a denial of what is, a refusal of life. If we refuse life it continues to occur but now we are not participants, we are not living, we are undead. We become life’s victims.

People argue about whether or not we have free will, Whether or not we can make choices. Ultimately there is only one choice. We can accept what is or refuse it. We can be present now or we can be absent. We can choose life or we can choose death.

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  1. Truth gets *felt*, and for this reason, speech from the point of honesty resounds with crystal clarity.

    Accepting the moment allows alignment with this genuine nature, through which all actions acquire a grace of Earth’s finest.

    As the artist has a concept in their head, which becomes something altogether greater as the hand lays down lines on the paper, if a predetermined future existed it’s portrait would change with each new action performed.

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    • ntotodomessicated October 28, 2011 I think I read 30 minutes in Heaven a few years ago … it was another interesting one!

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  5. the only free will we have is how we choose to perceive experience – Voltaire’s Candide comes immediately to mind

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