Posted by: Edward | October 29, 2008

Becoming Sensitive to Ourselves

Its funny the day to day ebb and flow of energy and feeling that dictates our lives. If we are aware of the waveform then we know to push when its pushing time and collect and center when its ebbing. Today I’m tight and centered, this is a position to move from. Yesterday I was low ebb and distracted, that was a time to collect and center. After a push, successful or otherwise, your energy is loose and dispersed. You need to collect and center it so that when you move again it can be a focused beam not an unorganized dissipation. If we synchronize this personal rhythm with larger ebb flow patterns we will be much more powerful.

One should work on developing sensitivity to the subtle signals our body sends us. Whether its the feeling we get telling us that this posture is hurting us, the little voice warning us about danger or the gut feeling telling us to go for it. Being aware of those signals and learning to understand what they mean is a key to unlocking a vast pool of intelligence you already have but haven’t been applying effectively. The more you attend these little feelings and quiet voices, the clearer they will be.

These little feelings and quiet voices are unconscious processes sending their output, the information they’ve already processed, to consciousness so that you can incorporate them into your decisions and actions. Your brain has already done the work of thinking about these what your conscious self’s job is here is to make sure that this part of the processing gets included in the decision making. Otherwise you aren’t using some intelligence that you already have. It’s like running a business and setting up and paying for a research department and then ignoring their reports just because the research department head has a quiet voice.

Given that you have this research staff working for you can always push them to research things you are concerned about. When you feel those feelings or here those voices, ask about what you need help with. You might not get an answer right away but over time your unconscious processes will learn to give you more information about the kind of things you ask them about. I suggest one of the main things we could work to be more sensitive to is the ebb and flowing of our own energy levels and whether the environment is favoring bold action or centering and collecting of our energies.

When the time is right and the quiet voices and gut feelings are telling you to…


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