Posted by: Edward | June 15, 2006

Revolution, Networks and Power

Originally posted: Mon, Dec. 19th, 2005 06:52

A world without nations is now possible parallel to the world of nations. Networks are the key. Avoid, rather than fight, State-power. Capital is a tipping point for resources. Below the threshold “your money isn’t good here” above it “right away sir.” Pooling money/resources creates capital. Capitalists understand this, that’s what banking is all about. A corporation concentrates money/force behind one name and face. We already have the money and resources necessary to cross the threshold and challenge power but we allow ourselves to be fragmented and separate. We don’t unify because we don’t wish to submit to hierarchy. That is a false limitation. We don’t have to use their tools the way they use them. But we should use their tools. They have shown us how to have power. We need to take every advantage, like Aikido; we need to use their force to bring balance. Learn how the body moves. I already do this. Google does the work; I turn it to a new purpose. Network power can be holographic; every face can have the power of the whole body behind it.



  1. There is something I like about this, a nice piece of futuristic thinking.

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