Posted by: Edward | June 15, 2006

Tape recorder mutations.

Originally posted: Fri, Dec. 9th, 2005 00:46

“Clearly the whole defense must be experiments with two tape recorder mutations” (Burroughs, 75)

The word “whole” and the use of “two tape recorders” seems on first glance to be in contradiction. However, there is already a contradiction in the formulation “whole defense” as to defend, two components must be in opposition. The answer may lie in what is being done with the two tapes. They are experiments, a practice of tentative activities testing and leading to new practices or experiments. We can, for now, assume that what is being tested for is use rather than truth given Burroughs’s project and methods. In this case they are experiments with mutation or living change of the tapes. The two tapes are of the contending components, which are recombined to make hybrids. If viable hybrids are made/found the components are not in opposition any more, they are symbiotic and wholeness is. The system returns to equilibrium. Equilibrium is here shown as compatible with process and change. Together they are whole, an anding.

Works Cited.

Burroughs, William S. Nova Express. New York: Grove Press Inc., 1964.



  1. with posts like this how long before we give up the newspaper?!!

    • Are you only cnroidenisg school districts or would you consider non profit STEM programs (summer/afterschool camps)?

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