Posted by: Edward | June 15, 2006

Situational Matix: Perspectives

Originally posted: Thu, Feb. 10th, 2005 00:26

First Person is looking at the situation from your own perspective. How you saw the physical situation. What you thought and think about it. How you felt about it. Lastly, what you intended for it.

Second Person is when you see it from the perspective of the person you are interacting with. What they saw and experienced of the physical events. What they thought during the events and what they think about it now. How they felt and how they feel about the encounter now. Lastly what they intended for you and what they intend for you now.

Third Person is when you observe the situation from the perspective of someone who is not involved in anyway. There doesn’t have to have been an outside observer of your situation, you can see from the perspective of a hypothetical person. What the observer noticed about the physical interaction between the first person and the second person. What they would think about what happened. What they feel or how the understand the emotions involved in the occurrence. Lastly what they understand about the intentions behind and about the event.


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