Posted by: Edward | June 15, 2006

The Support Group

Originally posted: Wed, Apr. 6th, 2005 06:38

For half an hour every week we got together as a group. We were all sufferers of Schizotypal disorder, or at least that was how we were diagnosed. Jerry’s thing was numbers. Sara’s was talking with the dead. Mikey said he could manipulate invisible lines of force he called ki. Jack played with probability, a gambler. And me? My paintings were alive. We got together three times as a therapy group before we decided we didn’t like it. The therapy, not the group. Lately we’ve been thinking of expanding the time we spend together.“So we all have our interests, our little projects, right?” I said looking over the group.“Yeah,” Jack replied curtly, you could almost here the unspoken, so?

“Well we’ve decided that we are not crazy so why don’t we embrace it?”

“What do you mean?” Sara asked.

“Why don’t we combine our interests and um abilities together into group projects or experiments.” I got up and walked to the table set up with the coffee urn and cups.

“We have nothing in common to work with,” Jack said to my turned back as I put two sugar cubes into my black coffee.

I pulled two dice from my pocket and tossed them bouncing into the center of the circle. After a moment I asked, “Mike, who looked?”

“Everyone,” he replied.

I glanced over at him, “Yeah but who looked looked?”

“Jerry and Jack.”

“See Jack your cards and gambling is all numbers and so is Jerry’s numerology”

“It’s not numerology,” Jerry declared speaking for the first time in maybe ten minutes.

“What Jerry?” I asked softly, I didn’t want to put him off of speaking.

“It’s called Qabala,” he said seriously, “it was Jewish mysticism, it’s a religion now, Madonna is a member.” His piece said he pushed his round glasses back up his nose and returned to his yellow legal pad and bic pen.

“Sorry Jerry,” I said turning back to look towards Sara. “And what if your spirit world and the ultra dimensional reality that I paint are the same or connected?”

“What about me?” Mikey asked, “ I don’t fit either of those.”

“I don’t know yet Mike,” I replied, “I think your talents might bridge the two groups. Or maybe you are here to ground us, connect us to physical reality.”

He smiled.

“Maybe,” I continued, “your ki can effect the physical movement of the dice or other sources of the numbers. The lines of force could be the edge of ultra dimensionality. After a few seconds pause I asked, “Is everyone in?”

Even Jack agreed.

“So next week lets get together for an hour and bring some stuff we use. I’m bringing some painting gear.”

“I’ve got some books,” Jerry said.



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