Posted by: Edward | October 20, 2008

Replacing Bad Habits with Positive Rituals

Bad habits lead to what you don’t want, weaken you and reduce your options. Good habits lead to the results you want, strengthen you and increase the options available to you. We call good habits positive rituals because we establish them consciously, intentionally moving ourselves closer to our goals.

First we need to have some idea of what we want. Who do we want to be and what situation do we want to be in? Now, what habits does that person in that situation have? What habits would you need to get there? What habits that you have now would that person not have? What habits that you have now would stop you from getting there?

Now that you have your list of positive habits and negative habits try ranking them in terms of what will give you the most effect with the least effort. Pick one or two near the top of the positive ranking and start doing them. If you can also use the new ritual to replace one of those old habits all the better. Just keep doing that positive ritual until it is a habit. This can take up to about thirty days.

Once the positive ritual has been established as a habit go back and re-assess, re-rank and start a new ritual.

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