Posted by: Edward | October 22, 2008

Acts of Power

There are certain actions that I take in my life that leave me more powerful than I was before I took them. No matter how low ebb I’m feeling these will improve the situation.

One of these is simply writing about the situation. It helps me put it in perspective, separate myself from negative feelings and generate insights towards resolving the situation. Even when it does nothing else, it is taking action which shifts the attention into an active focus.

This is an act of power for me so its value for you is less certain but you can find your own acts of power. Reflect on what things that you do leave you stronger, smarter and happier. Maybe its going for a walk or talking with someone you care about.

Whatever your acts of power are, see if you can do them more often. If you find yourself at low ebb, pick the act of power most appropriate to the situation, or just the easiest to do, and do it.

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  2. In a similar manner, I have found it invaluable to have a gateway to ecstatic bliss, whether voluntarily selected or not.

    I use food.
    I actively push myself to enjoy my food, not always, but at *least* once a week, to a near orgasmic degree.

    Use anything – a phone call, a walk, a view… but choose something that gets them endorphins running.
    Become your own pharmacy!

    (The subtle and added bonus to the acts of power, incidentally, is that the more they are used, over the years, the more powerfully they exist as constant, foundational, spiritual forces within the practitioner. And that’s something truly difficult to shake)

  3. Partly an act of power, partly a bliss gateway: I use music for both.

    For changing my own mood, I use music for a bliss gateway–or sometimes, in a different mood, to induce empathy, sensitivity, other things.

    For an act of power: when I introduce someone else to some of my favorite and/or most powerful songs, and see how they react. Example: incidentally becoming the DJ for a close friend’s first acid trip. Recent example: DJing on my friend’s web radio station, and getting good feedback. Specifically introducing someone to Shpongle for the first time–seeing their comments as I reconnected to the music as well, perfectly worthwhile.

  4. A cup of tea never fails me. And it really is a ritual for me too. The water must be boiling. I steep the tea exactly 4 minutes(for black tea) in a tea pot. I add my sugar to the pot, and I drink my tea out of a tea cup. Milk gets added to each cup (for black tea), and never out of the carton. I have a clay pot for green tea, which is a slightly different ritual. But the result is always fantastic. I don’t know if there is anything a cup of tea doesn’t improve.

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