Posted by: Edward | June 1, 2014

We All Have Issues

I’ve noticed that when I talk about smaller scale things as mental health issues, I get push back. A lot of people have a very black and white view of mental health, someone is either mentally ill or they are not. I don’t see the world that way. I see those people that everyone agrees are mentally ill as the extreme end of a scale that all of us are on.

Some habits of thought and action are more mentally ill than others. Some, over time, will make you more mentally ill. Just like bad habits such as overeating or smoking can make you physically ill and other like eating vegetables and exercising regularly can help keep you physically healthy.

Part of the process of destigmatizing mental health issues is to realize that they aren’t black and white, all or nothing, and that we all have them. We all have mental health issues exactly like we all have physical health issues, because we are all human.


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