Posted by: Edward | February 17, 2016

Tend your Failures Well

Someone once listed my failures and asked, how dare I give advice to anyone? I told them they had just listed my qualifications. A person with no failures has only pretended to live.

Every time I have tried and failed, I have grown bravery. Every time, I have learned about myself and the world. My failures teach me to be more forgiving and compassionate towards the failings of others. My failures have helped me stay humble in the face of my successes. My failures show me it is possible to survive the things we think will destroy us.

Don’t ever let anyone make you ashamed of your failures. They are badges of a life actually lived. They are the dark and fertile earth that your strengths grow in. Claim ownership of them, water them with self-compassion, and learn from them how to do better. Tend them well and they’ll grow you the fruit of wisdom.



  1. It certainly is a challenge to see my failures as something positive, but I do agree that it provides the backbone to which I can openly and honestly help someone else…almost like a “been there, done that” facilitator.

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